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The vision of two women

Aware that youth is the future of tomorrow, Priscillia and Claudine , co-founders of the concept, wanted to shake up the codes by including in a beauty contest values ​​more important than a simple physical!

This is why Miss and Mister Jeunesse is aimed at young girls, from 15 to 22 years old, and to young men from 15 to 24 years old, without size or weight criteria!

The question that then arises "But what are the selection criteria? "

You will understand that beauty is subjective and can be evaluated in several ways.
Young girls and young men candidates, candidates for Miss and Mister Jeunesse must first of all be young, motivated, and persevering but not only. They, They must also realize the importance of the commitment that the title of Miss and Mister Youth represents, namely to be of good education, of good reputation, to have a behavior respectful towards others.

We give as much consideration to behavior as to physical.
Miss and Mister Jeunesse is still a beauty contest. So we also assess the gait, the smile, but also the posture, the grace and the charisma.

A great feature of our concept, creativity!
Each Miss Jeunesse candidate must create or customize an outfit with the specifics and specialties of her department, region or country.

The boys will have a general knowledge test in the final election.

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